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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

Going on tour

I have not yet been able to find anything that might resemble pilgrimage badges for the places I've taken (and will take) the tapestry. Had I skill with the pen (and book binding) I might make for myself a Scadian Passport. Having the skill and time for none of it, I must instead merely record my coming and goings. I'm pretty sure that over the years I will forget it all and I'd rather not overlook any place in the Known World.

1. First time the tapestry was displayed was a last minute decision to show at Tree-Girt-Sea's 12th Night, January of AS 43 in the Kingdom of the Middle. I had not expected it to be received as well as it was.

2. Pennsic War 38 in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. A&S Display. I had the privilege of meeting the first Princess of Caid while explaining my work. I had not yet stopped to consider I was working on a living history piece and would - by design or accident - meet the historical gentles I was portraying. Somehow, this only increased the pressure to continue with my task. It was my breathless delight to be given the Order of the Willow by Queen Runa of the Middle during the Northshield court of their Majesties, Stephen and Ailleanne.

3. Middle Kingdom's 40th Anniversary event, hosted by Grey Gargoyles, Middle Kingdom. It was my honor to get Cariadoc's autograph and to interview Duke Sir Laurelen Darksbane.

4. Spring '10 Crown Tourney, hosted by the Barony of Fenix, Middle Kingdom. It was a last minute decision after an invitation for Challengers to display and an assurance that there was room to hang 33 feet of tapestry!

5. The Shire of Foxvale's Rose Tourney and First Ayreton Baronial Elevation, (Middle Kingdom!). Huzzah to their new excellencies! It was my first time actually teaching an actual class rather than leaving it up for random gentles to ask questions. My thanks to my first class for being so kind to my stuttering.

6. Alas, the weather and the closing of a highway made my morning class unattended, but I left the tapestry on display at Boar's Head in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr in the Kingdom of Northshield, throughout the day. It was well received and I'm glad that their Excellencies (both departing and arriving!) included me in their event. (Dec '10)

7. Removed another Kingdom from my list of "To Visit" when I had the good fortune of displaying at Birka in the Barony of Stonemarche, in the East Kingdom, January '11.

8. The tapestry hung for five days in Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, IL April '11 as part of the promotion for their medieval themed summer reading program. It also served as a backdrop for a Society demo in the Proto-Incipient Canton of Elv av Tiden, in the Barony of Carriag Ban, Middle Kingdom.

9. Fall '11 Crown Tourney, hosted by the College of St. Carol on the Moor in the Shire of Wurm Wald, Middle Kingdom. A total surprise to be called into court to be Queen Runa the Second's A&S Champion for the day!

10. Gulf Wars XXI in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhean March '12 where I was honored to have won the Open A&S Populace vote. I was pleased to have the first king of Trimaris to see himself in the tapestry and approve of my work!

11. Spring '12 Crown Tourney, hosted by the Barony of Fenix, Middle Kingdom.

12. Middle Kingdom July Newsletter. Uncredited photo on back cover. (Subsequently credited in the following issue)

13. Featured in issue #183 of Tournaments Illuminated.

14. Displayed at Pennsic 41 in the Kingdom of Aethelmerc.

15. Delightfully attended Highland River Melees in the Kingdom of Atlantia, May '13. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and willing to go the extra mile to house the tapestry against the rain! I will have to go back when it is finished.

16. Thanks to the people of Lochac, I attended Rowany Festival in the Barony of Rowany, March '16

17. They also hosted me in the Shire of Darton.

18. A final showing was arranged at the 20th Anniversary of Southron Gaard, also in the Kingdom of Lochac.

19. Hung in the great hall for Border Skirmish, in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, Kingdom of Northshield June '16, served as a backdrop for court. Baroness Epona of the Barony of Carraig Ban gave me the baronial Order of the Well for my artistic inspiration.

It is my hope to one day bring it to a 12th Night event (or something January-bound) in Canton Ynys Taltraeth, Principality of Oertha (most northern most branch in the Society) merely because I want to experience true winter! Oh - and say that I've been as far north as the Society extends!