Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

AS XXIV - Born of war and wolves

Aethelmearc, beholden to the East, was raised to principality,  Tarbold Celerius the first prince, Cainder of Loch Suili his princess.  Because the new principality comprised the area that hosts the annual Pennsic War, there was some concern that the event would be changed or canceled all together.  All involved signed the Pennsic War Treaty ensuring that the two kingdoms could still continue their annual fight with Aethelmearc as host and being included in all proceedings.

The dragon's second son - the Principality of Ealdomere was born.  The name meaning "noble and ancient lakes".   David Martin Failsworth the first prince, Tangwystl Siwan Failsworth his princess.

Clan Blue Feather was started at Pennsic War, the badge of a blue feather in the lower margin.