Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

AS XXI - Isti mirant stellam



Outlands is raised from principality to kingdom, with Gunwaldt Gullbjorn as king, Aeflaed of Duckford his queen.  Her majesty was eight months pregnant at the time of their elevation.  As a matter of historical note, she did wear a white dress to the coronation.  As a matter of historical correction, Gunwaldt should be wearing a white baldric.

Because the Society's calendar starts on May 1st, it cuts across the Julian calendar resulting in Haley's Comet appearing in both AS XX and AS XXI rather than just a single year.  The phrase "Istimirant stellam" is text lifted directly from the original Bayeux Tapestry, meaning "These people marvel at the star" (text appears in the upper right corner and due to the web page break in the tapestry images of the Bayeux, the comet follows on the next panel in the upper left corner.)