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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XXXII - Widow's lament

Thorfinn Kodoson (imaged as the first pall bearer) and Sarah Thomasyn were crowned the first king and queen of Artemisia after having also bearing the honor of being the first prince and princess of the realm. They are, at this point, the only royal couple to do so.

Aethelmearc was raised to kingdom this year, Yngvar the Dismal the first king (placed as the second pall bearer), Caryl Olesdattir his queen.

Across the sea, in the kingdom of Drachenwald, their first principality is established, that of Nordmark. Johann Berndt the first prince and Celemon Gwynedd his princess.

Another first for the Society, a principality comes to an end and not to kingdom status. In the wide spread lands of Atenveldt, there were no "crown" lands apart from the principalities that made her borders. When all other principalities broke away to be independent kingdoms, all that was left of Atenveldt was the principality of the Sun. A terrible choice had to be made to decide which sun would set. The line of Sun Princes came to an end and the lands reverted to comprise the whole of the kingdom of Atenveldt. Drusilus von Oberbessenbach and Alyssa Rose MacGregor (NKA - Yrsa Gudrunadottir) were the last to wear the solar coronets.

Prince Jafar al-Safa of the Middle Kingdom passes away a month after winning the coronet for Princess Kenna Harve (seen here comforted by the Queens of Artemisia and Aethelmearc). There was talk of holding another tourney to find an heir, but it was remembered the purpose of fighting for the crown is not to bring honor to one's self. It was for the honor and inspiration of another. Princess Kenna became Queen Regent and continued the reign on her own.

The Great Western War is held for the first time in the kingdom of Caid. To determine the combatants, the Royal Army of Caid is divided with any foreign guests who wish to participate rather than against an annual enemy.