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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XXII - The strength of far-away crowns

At this point, the Society extends almost all the way around the globe, reflected here in the style of ancient maps. The principality of Lochac was founded this year (placed in the lower left corner) beholden to the king of the West. Reynardine de Clifford the first prince, Elanor Lyttelhayles his princess. (ed. note - a piece of history from Runes #7, Aug '82)

On the other side of the world in the principality of Drachenwald, Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep became princess by her own hand, Stefan Wasniewski Ste'Kolm became her prince-consort.

The Order of the White Scarf was an award originally made in the principality of Ansteorra in AS XIII to recognize excellence in rapier combat. Bearers of this award wear a white scarf on the left arm or shoulder. While not a peerage, it does convey a grant of arms if the recipient does not already possess one. This year the kingdoms of Ansteorra and Outlands signed a treaty to recognize members of this order from outside of kingdom. While not every kingdom has chosen to sign this treaty, it is the largest inter-kingdom order

This year the Kingdom of Calontir hosts the first Lilies war, the theme being Royals vs Loyals. The populace was divided by a random drawn, the Royalist fighting on the side of the king, the Loyalist fighting on the side of the prince.

Not pictured is the founding of the Palatine Barony of the Far West, part of the West Kingdom. Because this territory is far from the parent kingdom (the Pacific Rim), the baron and baroness are chosen by right of combat twice a year. The first individual to win this right of Palatine Baron was Sir Trude of Lacklandia.

Another notable event that took place this year, but not included in the panel, is the Barony of Myrgan Wood transferring their allegiance from the Middle Kingdom to the Kingdom of An Tir. Within each kingdom, they were accorded the singular honor and privilege to fly the royal standard without the presence of the crown.