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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XVII - Long live the Princess

By her own hand, Maythen Gervaise (aka Maythen of Elfhaven, Diana FitzWilliam) became Princess of the Mists making her first female sovereign of not just a principality, but the first female sovereign in all the Society. William of Hoghton was her prince-consort.

Rowany Festival is held in the Barony of Rowany over the long Easter weekend. The Barony dwells in what would eventually become the Kingdom of Lochac, but at the time held allegiance to the West Kingdom.

The Great Desert War started this year in Atenveldt. Three years later it would become Estrella War. Originally an inter-kingdom war between Atenveld and Caid, the arrangement of the armies and principal combatant change each year dependent on the ability of the crowns to participate and has grown to include the Kingdoms of Artemisia and the Outlands as potential primary challengers to Atenveldt's forces. The army that might be your allies one year would be your challenger the next. The Estrealla War Treaty outlines the arrangement of the two opposing armies in advance of each war.