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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XVI - Crowns a-plenty

Atlantia was elevated from principality to kingdom with the victor being Michael of Bedford, winning the crown for Carissa of Burgundy. The complicating factor to his triumph was that they were the current king and queen of the East Kingdom at the time. They are to date the only monarchs to simultaneously hold two royal lineages, crowned Atlantian royalty by the successors to the Eastern throne. As there are now rules against this particular accomplishment, this feat will never again be repeated.

An Tir won their independence after a lengthy rebellion against their parent kingdom, the Kingdom of the West. Manfred Kriegstreiber (aka Manfred Eiffenblau) the first king, Morag Campbell of Glenbourne his queen.

Trimaris became a principality, claiming all the lands of the moon and Mars, presumably due to Trimaris being the location of a little-known Astronomer's Guild called NASA, however this has yet to be verified. They also lay claim to the snowy length of Antarctica, although those lands would be awarded later to another principality with a much closer claim. The first prince of Trimaris was Verron Surgroth, with Wulfa Eriksdotter (aka Adriana Maria von Groth) his princess.

The exodus of the elves began at this time, as the Queen of the Middle, Caitlin Stuart, felt that fairies and elves had no place in the Society. A song written by Mistress Marian of Heatherdale summarizes the events surrounding this issues, essentially asking that the fantasy element of the Society be abandoned in favor of pure historical focus. The White Rose symbolizes Queen Caitlin and, lacking any individual or Household coming forward to tell their side of the elven story, a seven pointed elven star is placed in the bottom margin to acknowledge that missing history.

This year a carved runestone was erected at Cooper's Lake, the site of the annual Pennsic War. Placed on the location of the old battlefield, it reminds all to fight with chivalry and honor.