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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XIV - The West diversifies

Ansteorra is elevated to kingdom with Jonathan de Laufyson as their first king and Willow de Wisp as his queen.

Within four months of each other, the kingdom of the West birthed two principalities, the first being the Principality of the Mists with Christopher of Hoghton the first prince and Esmirelda Dancingstar his princess.

The Principalty of Cynagua was the second founded, Strider of Duramen the first prince and Katheryn Dhil Lorriel his princess.

In order to found a group within the Society, one must abide by certain geographical rules. An aircraft carrier known as the USS Nimitz possesses it's own zip code, making it eligible under Society law to be recognized as it's own shire. This "floating" shire was known as Curragh Mor, which is Gaelic for "great boat" as seen in the bottom margin. It was considered to be a part of the Kingdom of Atlantia at the time of it's founding as the USS Nimitz's home port fell within the Kingdom's boundaries. It has since become inactive.

(Ed note 9/16: Great fortune was had in meeting Willow de Wisp at the 50 Year event in June of '16, and she was amazed at how closely the image reflected actual happenings; a complete and total accident on the part of the artist. Her Grace remembered fondly how Jonathan de Laufyson would not fight at an event if she did not grant him her favor, so serious was he in courting her. As for becoming a kingdom, Ansteorra faced the usual road blocks and resistance that rebel principalities often do in seeking their independence. Undaunted, Jonathan did ride a horse into that first coronation, a skittish type that was given to dance, the breed forgotten at the time the story was related. During the procession, the horse reared and the princely crown fell to the ground and rolled to the feet of the Atenveldt king. Totally unscripted, it had the dramatic prophetic hallmarks of declaring Ansteorra was well within their right to be a kingdom. These stories are what cloaks history in glory and is recorded here because it should not be forgotten, especially the joy that Willow had in re-telling it.)