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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS XIII - Unusual precedence

Caid becomes a kingdom, with Armand de Sevigny the first king and Diana de Savigny his queen.

There was a time in the Principality of An Tir where those who fought for the coronet did not have to reveal the name for whom they fought and Sir Steingrim Stallari (his arms are in the bottom margin) waited until after winning the coronet to reveal that he intended to make Mistress Janeltis Karaine Princess of An Tir. This pleased the populace as Mistress Janeltis was well loved. So well loved, in fact, that the populace petitioned the Board of Directors to make her permanent royalty. For the rest of her life, Mistress Janeltis was known as her Serene Highness, the Dowager Princess Janeltis Karanie.

The moon, tree and winged unicorn in the bottom margin are taken from the arms of the royals pictured here, as well as the dragon in the top margin. The knotted scarf represents the Order of the White Scarf that was founded this year in the Principality of Ansteorra. A Lord Tivar Moondragon of Ansteorra is not only the Premier of the Order in Ansteorra, but the Premier White Scarf of the Known World.