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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS VII - The Saint and the Suicide King

The Order of the Pelican was created to award those who had given to the Society an exceptional amount of service. At this time, the decision to elevate members to the order lay with the Board of Directors, not individual kingdoms. This is represented by the gold laurel wreath on the green book that he carries, the arms of the Board of Directors. Boncueur de Myrobolan became the Imperial Pelican - the premier of the Order - for his services to the Society. As every member of the Society is given to the ideals of Chivalry, and the Order is dedicated to service beyond that, I have chose to represent the Premier Pelican as a saint within the confines of a church. The pallium he wears is decorated with ermine spots, per his personal device, rather than crosses. The Order's badge sits in the uppermost margin, atop the church's roof.

Two years later, Boncueur was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. This is notable in that his scroll was signed by the king and queen of the West, East, Middle, and Atenveldt - the elevation coming from the four corners of the world rather than just his home kingdom.

The first Pensic (one 'n' at the time as a corruption of 'Punic') war was fought this year. According to legend (incorrect legend), when Cariadoc was King of the Middle (for the second time) he thought to declare war upon the East Kingdom and sent a war arrow as challenge. Negotiations dragged on between the two kingdoms. Meanwhile, Cariadoc - due to mundane influences - had moved to the East and won crown. He accepted the declaration of war and made himself the first ever king to declare war upon himself and lose.

Another version, (the more correct historical one) as told by Count Jehan de la Marche, has war being declared by King Iriel with Duke Cariadoc carrying the message to the Eastern Crown, returning to the Middle the information they'd need to defeat the Eastern army. By the time Pennsic War finally happened, Cariadoc had become King of the East, defeated with that same information given earlier to his former Kingdom. The Middle won that year.

The office of Duchess was formalized this year - awarded to women who had served as Consort for two reigns. County awards - both count and countess - were established for those who had served as Sovereign and Consort for one reign. The three coronets in the bottom margin mark this event.

The first court baroness was made this year, Geraldine of Toad Hall. A frog from her personal arms, with the addition of a crown, sits in the top window of the right hand tower.