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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS VI - Worlds collide

By this time, the Knowne World covered a significant amount of territory with still more growth to come. In order to depict several momentous occasions in single panel scenes, events are blended into apocryphal story images. No wizards were actually threatened by any Hordesmen at any point in AS VI. So they tell me.

One of the greatest things to happen in AS VI was the founding of the Great Dark Horde. As the story goes, at a crown tourney in the Barony of Northwoods in the Middle Kingdom, three men arrived armed with a multitude of knives and dressed in black leather. Not knowing if they were being invaded by bikers or barbarians (is there a difference?) the populace were less than pleased with their arrival. The three Hordesmen there that day were Bork, Temujin, and their leader Yang the Nauseating who was easily distinguishable from the others by the fact he wore a white sheepskin vest. For purpose of imagery and considering the hell that followed their arrival, I have chosen to depict four Hordesmen. As a clarification, Yang is riding the white horse of conquest, not the green or "pale horse" of death.

Established this same year, in the Kingdom of the West, was Governing & Policy Decision No. 6 which - in essence - stated that the Society did not promote or support any particular religious belief and that no one could be forced to attend or observe any ceremony. This decision was born from some issues surrounding cases of evangelism and wizards threatening people. There isn't enough room here to detail the entire story, nor to discuss the complicated place that religion holds in the Society, but in short - the Wizards left and were never heard from again.

The first canton was established - the Canton of Naess in the Barony of the Angels, symbolized by the sea-serpent in the bottom margin, but it folded by July of AS IX.