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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS L - A Golden Age and New Beginnings

Because this panel was created in advance of the 50th Anniversary date of May 1st, 2015, the images here are predicting events to happen in the Golden Year rather than recording events that have already happened.

On the first day of the new Society year, the Principality of Avacal will break with their parent kingdom of An Tir and start a new royal lineage. As there is no way to predict whether the champion of that tourney will be a man or woman, the thrones are depicted empty, waiting for their rightful occupants. (ed. note - the first crown tourney was won by Sir Albrecht von Rugen for the Lady Nasheeta Al-Rakkasa Machiavelli)

Also to take place on the start of the new year, kingdoms may choose to elevate deserving candidate to the newly formed Masters of Defense, a peerage to honor those gentles skilled in rapier fighting. No single kingdom can elevate more than three candidates at the start of the year, represented by the three rapier fighters in attendance around Avacal's thrones. There is no telling who will be the first to be inducted into this newest peerage, with a likelihood that the Grand Master could very well be a woman. With that in mind, the visage a woman fencer from history, the Princess of Eboli, was un-apologetically borrowed for the alleged tale that she had lost an eye in a fencing duel. It seemed fitting tribute to the ladies of the list.

The Society - birthed in a humble backyard party of friends - has achieved fifty years of glorious Dreaming. May we all be granted fifty more.