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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS IX - Post-Tir

The Principality of Caid was born, Christian of Orange the first prince, Denysa de las Mariposas his princess.

There had been some difficulty in coming up with a name for this new principality, the four Baronies making up the territory in question each having their own preference for a name. As the deadline approached for needing an official name, the new principality was threatened that if one was not chosen, one would be given, and since they were the second of the West's then-current principalities, they would be known as Post-Tir, their elder princely brother being An-Tir.

It was noticed that in order of precedence - the four baronies that made the principality spelt A.C.I.D; Angels, Calafia, Isles, and Dreiburgen. However, that being an unacceptable name choice, other words were sought using the same letters. Caid was chosen, an Arabic word meaning "fortress". 

A note on the images used for their highnesses of Caid. Artistic license has been used thus far to depict Society personages as any written or pictorial documentation on persona or preferred mode of dress is virtually non-existent. However, two images of Christian of Orange exist - the first being his coronation, and the second taken some years later. The peculiar diamond pattern of his tunic in the second image was a strong reminder of a historical funerary enamel of Geoffry of Anjou. This, of course, meant that Deysa de Las Marioposa is dressed as Empress Matilda.

The University of Ithra was founded this year (symbolized by the lamp), in the Kingdom of An Tir. The purpose was to give a venue to be able to display and teach various skills regarding the time period covered by the Society as well as an understanding of the Current Middle Ages.

Viscounts and Viscountesses were created, those that had served as territorial prince and princess for one full reign, created by Sir Jerald of Galloway. The silver embattled coronets are only used by the Middle Kingdom and it's three descendant kingdoms. Unlike all other peerages, there is no set Sumptuary laws regarding Viscounty regalia acros kingdoms.

The ability to elevate members to the Order of the Pelican were given to the Kingdoms as a peerage award on par with the Chivalry and the Laurel, symbolized by the yellow belt in her highness's hands.

The Dominion of Myrkfaelinn was founded, independent of any crown, then falling within the boundaries of the East, now currently part of Aethelmearc. The original charter where fealty was sworn to the crown had a slight error in wording. It swore fealty to a specific king of the East, King Asbjorn but not to any of his successors.

The Royal Citie of Eoforwic was founded this year, symbolized by the trillium in the lower margin, next to the household badge of Duke Finnvar deTaahe. His grace was instrumental in the founding of the citie - as well as the kingdom that eventually grew out of it - as noted in the Chronicles of Eoforwic. The Chronicles are perhaps the most complete piece of Society history to date aside from the Western History Project.