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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

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AS III - A new kingdom

In the fourth year of the society, the Middle Kingdom was born, Cariadoc of the Bow the first King and Diana Alene his Queen. The griffin and in crescent in the bottom margin are part of their arms.

The two kings in the arches are the West and East respectively. They illustrate not only the Middle's actual geographical location - in case that was in doubt - but also the confusion the origin of the kingdom itself. Some claim the line of Middle Kings descends from the West, while others report that the area that comprised the kingdom in it's early days was considered the "Principality under the Mountain" and beholden to the Eastern Crown.

Atenveldt spent a few months as the first barony of the Society, a barony of the West Kingdom. The Principality's arms are seen in the top margin flanked by the arms of the first prince and princess, Robert Roundpounder and Katrina Windemere. The arms of the barony were the current arms of Atenveldt, minus the crown and when the arms were upgraded to account for a sudden elevation to Principality, it left the actual Barony of Atenveldt without arms for a time.

The arms between the Cariadoc and Diana's griffin and in cresent belongs to Michael of Moria. He served as Baron of Atenveldt for the few months before it was elevated to Principality status, making him the first territorial baron of the Society. There was no baroness as the tradition of a baronial couple had not yet been established.