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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

Next Year

AS I - Where it all began

The first event ever in the Society was held in Diana Listmaker's back yard (the woman depicted in the lower window of the tower). The first tourney was not to be able to declare one's self king (only men fought), but for the privilege to crown their lady Queen of Love and Beauty. It was for the honor of another, not one's self that the Society was born.

The man kneeling is considered to be the Society's first king - even though he was not called such at the time - Richard of Mont Royal (aka - Richard the Short). The lady receiving the rose crown is Marynel of Darkhaven, now considered to be our first Queen. The crowd looks on and of the notable guests at that tourney, there was in attendance a hobbit (not depicted) and Queen Lucy of Narnia (the crowned woman in the top window of the tower). This region, although not named so at the time, became known as the West Kingdom. The history of these early days helped shaped much of the current organization.

The animals in the margin, as well as the vine work, is a tribute to the Bayeux Tapestry's decorative borders. At various points - in both the original tapestry and my own project - the border is used as purely decorative space, used to tell side stories along side the main event, and incorporated into the portraying of a single image.