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Bomticc Tapestry

Once again I have bitten off more than I can chew

Photo Gallery

Gifts for Lochac Gifts for Lochac Starting out In preparation for my trip to Australia/New Zealand, I wanted to have a few gifts for my random hosts. I have a serious problem thinking "small project" and was able to downsize myself into some cushion covers. Very portable, moderately medieval, possible use in both a mundane home AND a Scadian encampment! 201039559 Back pieces In order to make them slip covers, the backing was cut in two overlapping pieces, enabling a cushion form to be stuffed in. This also allows for the whole piece to be cleaned and the cushion to be replaced once it lost enough poof. 201039560 Layering I'm glad I stopped to take this photo, because that's when I noticed I was pinning wrong sides. 201039561 What is looks like assembled. You can see how the parts separate and can also now get a good look at the not-entirely messy back of the embroidery. 201039563 Side seam Looks all fancy and neat with that white piping, doesn't it? 201039565 Corner trimming I probably didn't need a full half inch all around the pillow as the canvas is pretty stiff, but I'm afraid if I cut it too short, the seam could come apart and then there's no way to repair it. However, the corner did need to be trimmed extensively to reduce bulk when turning. 201039566 Example with stuffing The cushions I made are 14" x 14", a standard size from any sort of craft store. Instant cushion, just add blank pillow form. 201039567 All laid out and pinned Again, glad I stopped to photo, because I noticed I had one pinned wrong. 201039568 Half folded Easy peasy - sew up, flip out. 201039569 First two finished The first cover is my favorite - the simplified arms of all the baronies in Lochac, inspired by an extant example, photo and pattern found on ( The second piece (done in Midrealm colors) was done from a pattern from this pattern - 201039570 Second two finished First cushion top done in Just Because colors - meaning I liked how they looked and I thought they would work in a pattern I hadn't tried before. The last of the four cushions - done in Lochac colors - 201039571